Daily Examination in Trensains High School

Lensa-Monday/March 13, 2023, Trensains High School has been running midterm exams since 2 days ago. The subjects tested today are physics, religion and Aswaja. Meanwhile, grade 12 students are conducting final practice exams. The atmosphere of the school feels different because all the students are doing Amar Ma'ruf Nahi Munkar. In every corner of the school, students can be seen struggling with their own books.

"It's more excited in the exam this time because it is being held before Ramadan. But it is more time-consuming because in one day there are 3 subjects that tested. The atmosphere is more supportive because we want to take a vacation." Said one of the students in the 11th grade of science 4.

The obstacles faced by the committee this year are also different. For instances the time for the formation of the committee which only takes 1 week. As a result, the committees helped each other between team to be able to run the exams well and smoothly.

All preparations are made by students and teachers. For example, to staying up late to make questions, staying up late to study, summarizing the lessons, doing the exercise, and so on. They do believe that effort will not betray the results.

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